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Long Island Law has vast experience in the Litigation arena.



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Long Island Law has vast experience in the Litigation arena.


Whether your business or personal life frequently brings you into contact with litigated matters or whether you find yourself in a unique and unfamiliar situation, almost everybody finds involvement in litigation to be stressful. The decision to litigate is not one to be taken lightly.  If you have had a legal action brought against you, the selection of defense counsel is one of vital importance. 

 This firm has successfully litigated thousands of cases over the course of 25 years ranging from disputes resulting from the sale or purchase of a business or real property to breach of contract actions and complex litigated estate matters to less complicated, but more common, problems, such as a dispute between a landscaper and a homeowner.

 In litigated matters there is no substitute for experience in and out of the courtroom.  With thousands of hours of courtroom time under his belt and even more spent in the office preparing for trial, JOSEPH L. GROSSO, P.C. has the expertise and experience to obtain the best possible outcome whether your concern is business or personal. The firm can provide complete litigation services from the preparation of initial or responsive pleadings, discovery demands and notices, depositions and other discovery devices, Court conferences and preparation of witnesses for trial and the conduct of the trial itself.  Despite what is shown on television, a trial is won or lost in an attorney’s office, during the preparation of the case for trial, and is not the product of courtroom theatrics.  Effective trial preparation begins with the very first client/attorney interview and continues through the last day of trial.

    Are you considering a lawsuit?  Have you been served with a Summons and Complaint or do you think that you might be served with one in the near future?