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Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Few aspects of U.S. employment law have changed as much in the past 30 years as sexual harassment law. As society has evolved to provide greater protection for vulnerable parties, things that were commonplace in 1970s America would be considered serious crimes now. These changes are the normal advancement of society and are good for the health of our culture, but the scope and rate of this change means that society is still adjusting to it.

What is sexual harassment? The definitions can be hazy for many of us. There’s a clear idea that unwanted sexual advances can be sexual harassment, but are they always? Is it harassment if a supervisor asks an employee out on a date? Does it become harassment if they persist in asking repeatedly when the employee repeatedly says they aren’t interested? Or does it only become harassment if they threaten the employee with negative consequences should they refuse?

And to complicate matters, there are federal laws, as well as state laws that cover sexual harassment. In some cases, there are even laws specific to one city. And if that wasn’t all confusing enough, there are criminal aspects of sexual harassment, and there are civil aspects of it, either of which could result in disciplinary actions or even in a trial and judgement .

With the changing legal landscape around sexual harassment, it’s important for anyone who believes they have been the victim of a sexual harassment incident to seem the counsel of a Sexual Harassment Lawyer, Only legal professionals, well versed in case law and knowledgeable of the statutes in place where you live can give you proper guidance about pursuing a case.

As with many things, each sexual harassment case is unique. They all are. And in addition to the material facts and what the parties testify to, there are all sorts of personal factors at play. These factors may also come out in any civil or criminal trial, but the personal nature of a sexual harassment case means that these factors take on a particular power in these kinds of cases.

Each perpetrator has their own particular qualities that would lead a jury or judge to think them guilty or innocent, relatable or foreign, sympathetic or despised. Similarly, each victim will be scrutinized for their believability, their likability, and (like it or not), their appearance of morality and physical attractiveness. By reviewing these many factors and coming up with a plan of action, a competent Sexual Harassment Lawyer can set the stage for you getting the justice you deserve.

Whether your primary goal is to bring disciplinary action down against a monstrous person who’s made your life miserable, or you’re just looking to be compensated for the pain and discomfort you felt at their hands, a good Sexual Harassment Lawyer can be your best bet for getting the justice you so desperately need and bringing them down the justice they so desperately deserve.

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional Sexual Harassment Lawyer,  Long Island Law is there for you.


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