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As a consumer or user of manufactured products, you can expect to be given certain legal protections from defective products as part of the law. These laws are written so that anyone who has suffered injuries or other damages due to a defective product can seek compensation via a defective product liability claim. And the best way to start this process is by talking to a product liability lawyer.

Product liability generally comes about in one of three specific situations.

Sometimes there are defects that come about in otherwise good products due to problems with the manufacturing process. Inconsistency with metal fabrication for example can cause a weakness in a structural element that causes a chair to collapse and causes an injury. Other types of defective manufacturing product liability can come from errors in mixing ingredients in foods, drugs or supplements.

In other cases, a product may simply have been poorly designed from inception. The recent example of Samsung’s Premiere smart phone, the Galaxy Note 7 appears to be a case of a design defect that makes the product potentially dangerous. We presume that something in the design of this phone, its battery,  or another of its key components is the cause of documented cases of fire and even explosion. If, however, we find that the batteries are to blame and that their volatility is based on chemical imbalance brought on by bad manufacturing processes, we might still be looking at a manufacturing defect, rather than a design defect.

The other common cause of product liability occurs when not the product, but its safety documentation is defective. American laws require manufacturers to place warning labels and safety information on many classes of products. When these labels don’t meet the legal requirement and provide adequate warning to users and other consumers, it is considered a defect called failure to warn, and yhis can be the basis for a liability-causing hazard. If a user is harmed or damages are caused by this mislabeled product, a product liability claim can be brought against the manufacturer.  

In all these cases, there’s another key component your product liability lawyer can help you navigate: to prove your case, you need to not only prove that the defect exited but you also need to prove that it was the cause of your injury.

Corporations and other makers of the products we use and consume have teams of legal professionals on their payrolls, who seek to minimize the risk and liability incurred by their employers. Even a clear case of a defective product can become a muddled mess to a jury is the manufacturer’s legal team gets to dictate the context of he court case. On the other hand, if you, as the injured consumer arrive prepared and operate under the advice of a product liability lawyer from the start, you can carefully build you case to show how the defective product WAS defective and how it CAUSED your injury.  

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional product liability lawyer, Long Island Law is there for you.


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