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Train Accident Lawyer

There is an unexpected epidemic that’s been claiming the lives of an increasing number of Americans over the past several years. And unlike the swine flu or the zika virus, this epidemic is totally preventable. It comes from people taking selfies, self taken photographs, usually with a cell phone or other mobile device, while standing on train tracks. It has become so pervasive that last November, The Today Show’s Jeff Rossen even did a story about this alarming and growing trend.

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Clearly, anything hit by a train is in jeopardy, and a person struck directly while on the tracks is likely to receive catastrophic injuries. Trains may be miles long and travel at speeds faster than a car on the highway. All this mass, moving at such a high rate of speed means that they can’t simply stop when something is on their tracks either, including a person. By the time a train operator sees someone on the tracks, it is simply too late for them to stop in time. The person’s only chance to avoid being hit is to move themselves.

This inability for trains to easily or quickly stop is also one cause of another type of train accident, collisions with automobiles at level crossings. Any time a roadway and a train track intersect, there’s a potential for collision, and any collision with a train is bad news. A train impacting a car or truck will send the latter flying or drag it along for hundreds of yards. The damage to the vehicle usually results in complete destruction, and anyone unfortunate enough to be inside it upon impact is at serious risk of grievous injury.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a train, you need to consult with a train accident lawyer, who can help you understand your options. The severity of a collision with a train is so severe that catastrophic injuries are not uncommon. And with these injuries come pain, suffering and astonishingly high medical bills. Depending on the circumstances, the victim of this kind of injury could be due a major financial settlement to cover the costs of their medical care, the grief of their loved ones, an ongoing disability caused by the accident, or even the pain and suffering they have had to endure from their injuries.

Trains are rolling thunder, a wrecking ball on wheels for anything the comes in their path. And for this reason, train tracks are off limits to people who want to walk on or near them. This can complicate matters of liability when seeking a claim against the train operator, the party whose massive vehicle caused an injury.

Whether you are dealing with a person struck y a train, a vehicle struck at a crossing, property damage due to a derailment, a chemical spill, or virtually any other train-related damages, an experienced train accident lawyer knows the legislation that covers these situations and knows the case law where you are. By using legal precedent and appropriate application of existing law, a dedicated train accident lawyer can help you maximize any settlements from the train operator or their insurer.

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional train accident lawyer, Long Island Law is there for you.

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