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Defective Product Injury Lawyer

There’s a big, high-profile case of a defective product that’s been in the news lately. Samsung’s new flagship smart phone, the Galaxy Note 7 has been documented as catching fire under certain conditions. In rare circumstances, the lithium ion batteries of these devices have even been reported to explode. And whether it’s a spectacular failure like an explosion or “just” an unexpected source of fire, this particular product defect definitely has the potential to cause serious injuries.

Of course this is just one high profile and spectacular example of a defective product that could cause a hazard or even a serious injury to its users. And while the idea of being burned by the explosion of an $800 smart phone is certainly a memorable example of a defective product hazard, there are thousands of other examples that cause injuries and even deaths every year.

To be clear, most defective products are merely defective. They don’t work as they should and don’t provide the value of service their buyers intended, but otherwise, they’re harmless. Most defective products simply stop working (or never work to begin with) and are relegated to the trash. But while most defective products never cause an injury, a select few have been known to pose a serious risk. And when a hazard caused by a defective product casus and injury to you or someone you love, it’s time to call a defective product injury lawyer.

Whether it’s safety equipment that doesn’t protect your safety, a design flaw in electrical circuitry that leads to an electrical shock, or a defect in the design of a vehicle that causes crashes and injuries, there are numerous ways in which a defective product can cause harm. Harm can include physical injuries, damage to property, and even the trauma and anguish that these injuries and damages can cause.  

And if you are someone who has been harmed by a defective product, you may have some recourse to seek damages from the manufacturer or seller who gave it to you. A defective product injury lawyer can advise you of all the specifics, but to win a monetary settlement,  you’ll need to be able to prove a couple of things.

Was there damage? Did you sustain an injury? Is this documented by medical treatments and related billing? If not, what damages can you document? Did you seek therapy to deal with the emotional impact of the injury? Did the trauma cause you to have other negative outcomes like an inability to work or meet your obligations?

Is there an acknowledged history of defect with the product in question? If not, are you able to document the conditions under which your injuries were sustained. Are there witnesses? And can you show with a high degree of confidence that the product was the cause of your injury?

A defective product injury lawyer specializes in understanding the case law around this specialized area of litigation. A legal professional with specific experience in this area of law can advise you on all the aspects of your own situation that may be relevant to your ability to seek damages.

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional defective product injury lawyer, Long Island Law is there for you.


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