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If someone asks you about a time when you were injured, what first comes to mind? When you stop to  think about the various hurts you’ve experienced in your lifetime, what time in your life are you most-likely to think of?

For many Americans the clear answer is that they experienced their most and worst injuries during their childhood. Whether it’s through learning new skills, inexperience with dangerous situations, or just an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, children expect (and are expected) to get hurt along the way. But what if those hurts become more than simple bumps and bruises. What if a child is left with scarring and trauma? What if they have  debilitating injuries or crippling hospital bills? When that happens, it may be time to call in a child injury lawyer.

When an adult has been significantly injured it is often the result of an automobile accident or a workplace incident, and it’s common for the victim to seek relief from the burden of medical bills through a personal injury claim. But what if the personal injury happened to a child?

Children are considered differently in the eyes of the law, and so the legal criteria for bringing a suit for injuries is also different. Seeking liability for an injury to a child is very different from other personal injury claims. There are liability issues that don’t come into play when an adult is injured, and juries may be particularly sympathetic to a child’s injuries, in a way that they would not be for an adult. For these reasons, some legal professionals, child injury lawyers, specialize in litigation on the behalf of children. 

Although children are almost never impacted by incidents in the workplace, they may be injured in automobile accidents. The incidence of injuries to children in places of business is much like the incidence for adults, but much more often, if a child is injured, it is in their own home or the home of someone they know.

Children commonly suffer injuries that would be freak occurrences for an adult. A fall from a swing set, a dog bite, a bicycle accident, or a tree climbing accident are just a few examples. And while statistically more injuries occur in a child’s own home, there is a striking tendency for injuries to occur in the homes of their friends, neighbors or relatives. Unfamiliar surroundings like the homes of others offer new and unexplored surroundings that may be full of unexpected hazards. Too often, children find them to their own hazard.

If your child has been injured in the home or business of another, you may want  to consult with a child injury lawyer to determine if legal action is warranted.

There’s a simple legal precedent that while your child is in the care of another adult, they have a responsibility to ensure their safety. As minors in the eyes of the law, children aren’t considered to be developed enough to be responsible for their own safety.  And because children aren’t held to the same levels of accountability as adults for their own safety, an adult who is overseeing a child can be considered liable if that child is injured.

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional Child Injury Lawyer, Long Island Law is there for you.

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