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Workman's Compensation Lawyer

U.S. labor laws are very specific about things like protecting workers from injury. Since the turn of the 20th century, state and federal governments have passed sweeping legislation that ensures safer working conditions, better sanitation, and other protections for workers while they are on the job.

One of the keystones of U.S. labor policy on this subject is based around the concept of workman’s compensation. Workman’s compensation is a program that forces employers to pay for the medical care of workers if they become injured during the course of performing their jobs. And of course there are legal professionals, workman’s compensation lawyers, who specialize in this area of law

There are two obvious motivations behind this legislation. Firstly, by making the employer responsible for their employee’s medical care in the case of a workplace injury, there’s an assurance that he worker will get the care they need to recover. Employees will not be prevented from receiving proper care due to lacking the financial means to afford care.

Another motivation is based on the simple idea that if employers are financially responsible for the medical care of workers injured on the job, they will be incentivized to ensure safer working conditions. And since the introduction of this legislation, workplaces across America have become safer and safer places to be.   

 And since these laws were first passed, there have been changes in how they are met. Any company that has employees now carries workman’s compensation insurance, that will pay the medical bills of workers injured on the job. This system spreads the risk among a larger pool of payers and reduces the financial impact to a company if one of their employees sustains an injury.

This is a win-win for the employer who reduces their risk and for the insurer who makes a business out of it. But what about the worker these laws are meant to protect?

Oftentimes, a worker with a claim in workmen’s compensation can be isolated without anyone advocating for their proper care and compensation. Their employer’s workers compensation insurer is motivated to minimize the cost of their claims, and their employers may be tempted to cooperate with the insurance company, in conflict with the employee’s best interests, to keep their future insurance rates low. That’s why anyone with a significant claim should seek the representation of a workman’s compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

Having your own representation means that you’ll have help navigating through the bureaucracy and paperwork of the insurance company’s claims process. Your workman’s compensation lawyer will know what tricks and tactics insurers use to minimize your claims and can help you counter them.

With a knowledgeable person in your corner, you’re leveling the playing field against the large companies that run workman’s compensation funds. A workman’s compensation lawyer will know the laws and can get you the settlement you need to ensure a full recovery.

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional Workman’s Compensation Lawyer, Long Island Law is there for you.


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